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"For every problem there is a creative solution. For every project there is a creative execution."


Doreen is not your typical speaker. She’s got passion. She’s got experience. She got chops. If you’re looking for a speaker who resonates with every person in your audience, Doreen is your gal. Her contagious energy and enthusiastic delivery grabs and holds an audience until hands shoot up with questions at the conclusion.

Doreen breaks down the fantasy that only the select few can be creative. She believes everybody has a spark and what people really need is permission to be spontaneous. Doreen’s fresh ideas come with practical applications. She finds inspiration and useful materials in everyday life. People walk away from Doreen’s talks with a different perspective, one that inspires them to see the creative possibilities in the world around them.

Doreen is the owner of Post No Bills, a hybrid creative agency that fuses marketing, merchandising and promotional products with a full-service ad agency and PR firm. Post No Bills generates buzz, solves problems and invents unique ways of grabbing attention no matter the company, product, service or event. For decades, Post No Bills has shaped corporate identities, designed large-scale events, developed imaginative merchandise and driven powerful media-relations campaigns. Clients come to Post No Bills for fresh creative, resonant language, inventive packaging and campaigns with impact and longevity.

Doreen believes in show and tell. She brings examples of campaigns, products and promotions that showcase her work for clients from major motion picture studios to ESPN, from the U.S. Olympic Committee to award-winning fortune 500 companys. Each of her talks are fashioned for a particular audience. No canned speeches ever!

“Doreen Sullivan is a contagious creative. That old saying to think outside the box doesn’t apply to her. There are no boxes in Doreen’s world. She’s outrageously original and she inspires others to be wildly inventive and resourceful, too.” - Janna McMahan National bestselling author


"Having been in the Outdoor Industry for 35+ years, it was refreshing to hear someone talk about the need for excellent creative. After all, if the creativity isn't good in any medium, ad dollars have been wasted. I have already incorporated Doreen's approach with several clients who are already experiencing greater success from their buy"

oaaa conference


"Thank you Doreen for dazzling NxLevel Micro Entrepreneurs, your presentation is still felt with us to this day. You left a positive impact, an impression that made everyone reexamine their marketing strategy. I’m grateful to have had a seasoned company such as yours providing a full range of advertising, marketing, promotions, and branding skills to my class of entrepreneurs. I would love to have you speak again. You are an inspiration!"

Angelo McBride, Business Administrator City of Columbia Office of Business Opportunities


"Doreen knows how to get her foot in the door and make an amazing impression. It's no surprise she built the client base she has with her creative pitches. I will be completely revamping my organizations pitch process from what she taught me today."

Advertising Week at the National Press Club


"Thank God there is a way to simplify the advertising and marketing process. I've been wasting so much money and time on traditional advertising that is getting my business nowhere. I took so many notes and can't wait to incorporate Doreen's non-traditional tactics into my advertising mix."

Small Business Development Conference


"As always you hit it outta the park in today's guest lecture! The students were as enthusiastic about their future careers as I've seen them all semester. I can't thank you enough for your energy and excellent career advice. From now on I would like to start the semester with your guest lecture. It will make my job easier!"

Geah Pressgrove, PhD West Virginia University


"Doreen presents in such a was that it feels less like a stiff presentation and more like a personal conversation with the audience. She draws you in by her personality and her passion and then directly hits you with the most valuable ideas right off the top of her head!"



"The case studies Doreen shared in her presentation are mind blowing. Showing examples for clients such as ESPN and Major Motion Pictures really engages young professionals starting their careers. My class was in awe of her creative talent working on so many high profile projects. The best part was she made every student feel like they could achieve the same level of success. She is the perfect speaker for the college market!"

AMA conference


"Fundraising has become such a difficult process. I was really losing my passion and feeling like my job was about begging for money all day long. Doreen's speech was a wake up call for me. I have 5 pages of notes!!!! I walked away with an entire new approach to this industry and how to get my non-profit funded. I'm so glad I attended this lecture."


Why Book Doreen

Why audiences love Doreen

  1. She’s one of the most entertaining business speakers you’re likely to hear. Passion. Humor. Insight.
  2. Her creativity is contagious. A new perspective is guaranteed.
  3. She’s a mar-com expert in multiple industries: packaging, promotion, design, image, environment. You get the picture.
  4. Just like each job, she prepares custom talks for every audience. No canned speech ever.
  5. Show and tell is her thing. Doreen shares high profile client projects from pop culture and the business world.



    Get Your Foot in the Door: How to Create the Perfect Pitch

    Everyday, in every business, people are pitching something. One big, new client could be a game changer for most companies, yet most pitches are generic, self-serving and do not stand out. In order to get new clients or new business opportunities, you must make a memorable first impression. You must blow them away at the start to get your foot in the door.

    This keynote speech is guaranteed to make an audience rethink the way they pitch. Doreen pitched DreamWorks SKG in 1994 from a small town in South Carolina with only a population of 1,000. Not only did the studio call her within an hour, but they requested she come and meet with them as soon as possible.

    In this keynote, the audience will learn how to: 

    • Approach the pitch from what the client needs versus what the product or service offers
    • Stand out from the clutter and get noticed immediately
    • Create one-of-a-kind, memorable, and often affordable, introductions for business, services and fundraising

    Doreen will share with the audience pitches she has developed for her clients and her agency including the exact pitch that landed her the DreamWorks SKG account and many years of creative work in Hollywood.

    Traditional and Non-Traditional Media

    In today’s business world, advertising and marketing can be a daunting and inexplicable challenge. There are so many options to get your message out there, but how do you know which one or which combination will work the best and reach the targeted audience? When should you choose radio, print, broadcast, outdoor, social media, publicity, direct marketing, OR are there other non-traditional avenues that would work better and be more cost effective?

    This keynote speech will teach audience members how to identify what forms of non-traditional advertising and marketing could work best for their business. In this keynote, the audience will learn four non-traditional avenues of marketing that they can immediately apply to their businesses:

    In this keynote, the audience will learn how to: 

    • Guerrilla marketing
    • Direct 3D marketing
    • Environmental décor
    • PR stunts and partnerships

    Doreen will share unique case studies that have produced excellent results for all types of clients and projects. This speech will leave the audience motivated, energized and full of practical “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas on advertising and marketing.

    Seize Your Target Audience

    How do you get a target market to really embrace what you are offering?  How do you build relationships with people that don't speak your language?  It is difficult to meet everyone's needs with a single product, service or promotion.  Target market demographics tell you about age, gender, marital status, family size, income, education level, occupation, race and religion; however, what they don't tell you is how to cater to the demographic you are targeting.

    This keynote speech is less about numbers and analytics and more about meaning and connection.  You cannot seize an opportunity with a demographic if you don't get personally involved in understanding their lives.

    In this keynote, the audience will learn how to: 

    • Identify and capitalize on trends that connect to their target audience
    • Attract and connect to the higher income brackets of their target markets
    • Find relationship building opportunities that reach the masses and build loyalty
    • Develop campaigns that reach a multitude of target markets simultaneously

    Doreen will show examples of how she developed award-winning targeted marketing programs and events that increased attendance, revenue and relationships for many of her clients.

    The Art of Fundraising, Sponsorships and Corporate Partnerships
    Securing money and endorsements can catapult your project to success, but in today's world, it's harder that ever to do.  First, you have to get noticed and make a great impression to even be able to pitch your opportunity.  Then, you have to bring a tremendous amount of value to your ask so that it gets the consideration it deserves.  Lastly, you have to deliver on your promises and manage a win-win relationship for the long haul. cost effective?

    One of Doreen's greatest strengths is creating unique pitches for fundraising and corporate partnerships. She assists large motion picture studios with solicitation packages for their top-line sponsorships, and her agency has developed consumer fundraising campaigns and corporate fundraising materials for various clients from the U.S. Olympic Committee to the University of South Carolina for their billion dollar capital campaign.

    In this keynote, the audience will learn how to: 

    • Create a spot-on pitch for raising money
    • Create win-win options for the recipient (the days of just logo dropping are over)
    • Manage the partnership to the benefit of the partner
    • Always be a step ahead on the renewal and long term opportunities

    Doreen will also share her life changing success of securing and managing a four million dollar sponsorship for an unsigned band, Seven Nations, with Dewar's Scotch.

    Impressing the Press

    What does it take to get something on the air?  How do you get print press on an important story?  How do you get the media to pick up on what you are promoting? The media likes to play show and tell.  If you can create something totally cool that relates to what you are promoting, you may have a chance to impress the media, and as a result, get some press.  Ironically, this tactic to "show and share" works best for social media. Doreen's approach to press is to create something worth talking about, and send that along with what you want promoted.

    In this presentation, Doreen will show over a dozen examples of actual products produced that had their own on-air debuts.

    In this keynote, the audience will learn how to: 

    • Create something that is worthy of being on-air
    • Not send the wrong thing to the media
    • Expect realistic results from your efforts
    • Budget press drops into your advertising and PR efforts

    Nothing lightens up a news channel like a visit from a celebrity with a surprise gift to the anchor.  Audiences will enjoy the stories and photos of Doreen's entertaining pieces delivered to the media by Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Jerry Seinfeld and more!


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